Till the beginning of 2020 we were figuring out how to deal with the VUCA world. Suddenly, the scenario changed. We are now dealing with our survival and the degree of the VUCA element of the world has only increased immeasurably. Today more than ever we need to learn to manage our emotions. This skill can make the all the difference to how we emerge at the other end of this crisis. 

Let us admit, we are afraid, we are perplexed, we are overwhelmed. How we manage these emotions determines whether we do what is in our control or lose ourselves to the prevailing chaos. Managing emotions means adopting strategies to use them effectively rather than letting them govern us. Emotions are the natural guidance system of humans. They provide valuable information to choose an appropriate response to the stimulus. They are vital information that shine the light on what needs our attention. 

We offer a unique program, “Leading with Feelings”, to help you gain insights into these emotions that drive all behaviour and actions. This program will equip you to use your rational brain to listen to your emotions and determine their message – what do you want to change, how do you want to act, what is valuable to you. You will learn to use your emotional intelligence to set your goals, follow your intentions, solve problems, and manage relationships.



At the end of the program, you will –

  • Become aware of your existing competencies that serve you and make you effective in managing self, goal orientation, problem solving, building relations and conflict resolution etc.
  • Know the competencies that can make you a more effective leader of self and others.
  • Intentionally start using competencies that increase your effectiveness and influence in your world.


The program includes:

  1. The six seconds emotional intelligence assessment
  2. A debriefing session – 90 mins
  3. Coaching to improve EI – 60 mins
  4. 3 follow up sessions (of 30 min each / 15 days). 

To Know more book an appointment at https://calendly.com/manishasingh/60min