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The Process is the Content

The Process is the Content: The way you interact with your client is more important than the “factual” messages you deliver. She will walk away valuing your input based on the experience she had with you. Be real – while your focus is the client, be willing to disclose your own struggles and express what you are really feeling; be deeply, compassionately respectful – and courageous.
I experienced this in all the sessions I attended in last two months by Six Seconds.

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Coming out of the transition and making a new beginning. This is when people develop the new identity, experience the new energy, and discover the new sense of purpose that make the change begin to work.
Because transition is a process by which people unplug from an old world and plug into a new world, we can say that transition starts with an ending and finishes with a beginning.

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neutral zone

Going through an in-between time when the old is gone but the new isn’t fully operational. We call this time the “neutral zone”: it’s when the critical psychological realignments and re patterning take place.

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Change is situational. Transition, on the other hand, is psychological; it is a three-phase process that people go through as they internalize and come to terms with the details of the new situation that the change brings about.

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