Do you identify with any of the following scenarios –

– You aspire for growth and recognition at work. Sometimes you hit those peaks but sometimes, you fall a little short.
– You are busy all the time. You do your best but are not sure if it is creating the impact you want.
– On the surface all seems well and yet you know that something is missing. You wish you knew the magic ingredient to get the role that you covet.
– Some of your friends seem to be doing better than you.
– Your career needs a boost, and you know you can do better. You are willing to put in your best and are looking for actionable insights to get to that next level.

If you resonated with even one of the statements mentioned above, ‘Create Your Growth’ is just the coaching program for you. This program is created based on our experience of coaching numerous brilliant professionals, who start feeling stuck as life and routine and busyness takes over. This provocative coaching program will help you uncover the subtle but effective ways you can pivot to achieve your dream role. Expect insights, strategies, and accountability that take you to the next role or promotion that you are looking for.


How does it work?

This program is spread over 10 weeks and is structured as follows –

8 coaching sessions that cover:

– Setting strategic goals
– Improve focus and commitment
– Develop relationships and influence
– Improve stakeholder engagement
– Manage your mindset and tame your inner critic
– Transform your energy

1 one on one coaching session to delve deeper into a topic of your choice – 60 minutes
1 Assessment – to develop deeper self-awareness regarding how effectively you lead yourself and others. Where are you now? What’s next for you to improve your leadership? This is done via Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report which delivers a clear picture, feedback and path for using EQ to improve leadership.
1 one on one coaching session to debrief the assessment – 60 minutes

The date and time of coaching sessions is agreed as per mutual convenience at the time of registration.

You will learn to –

  • Lead yourself
    • Set strategic goals
    • Use your goals to inspire commitment
    • Resist distraction
    • Using emotions to propel forward
  • Build relationships that support you
  • Gain stakeholders buy-in for your ideas
  • Manage the inner critic, and
  • Maximize your energy

    We look forward to your success!

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