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Are you ready to step off from the hamster wheel and claim more time in your day?


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Reclaiming your time to create the life you want personally and professionally starts with one step at a time. It happens with some effort.

If you are ready for simple, logical, intuitive strategies to manage your time more effectively and get more out of your day, you will definitely want to access this program.

In this 4 day micro learning program we will cover –

Day 1 – 1 crucial step that you need to step off from the hamster wheel and claim more time in your day

Day 2 – 3 creative ways to use your time better

Day 3 – Shifts to get in control of your time

Day 4 – How to create your plan for the week and structure your time to get the maximum out of it



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2 Q & A sessions to clarify any questions you have regarding the topics covered during the program

I am excited you are joining the program

I am Neelima Chakara, Executive Coach. I love helping my clients build their visibility and value in their organization and enhance their promotability.

I combine my 23+ years corporate experience in global organizations and my coaching expertise with my natural problem-solving abilities and compassion to help experienced managers become trusted allies of their bosses, build networks that serve them and get prime roles, responsibilities, and recognition.

I know it can be difficult to stand out, especially when 24 hours do not seem enough to deal with everything that you need to deal with and shining the spotlight on your achievements and building a network are not your natural
strengths. But I speak from personal experience that it can be achieved by being intentional about it.


I was having problems with extreme procrastination during WFH because COVID-19 pandemic had led me to a low, and I was getting nothing done. With Neelima’s gentle guidance I was able to come up with methods to solve my career problems. During my first session I was sure that my career was doomed and that I should quit, but in just three months I have made immense progress and have a way forward, all thanks to her.

Anonymous Software Developer

With Neelima as my Coach, I have extensively changed my perspective toward personal development. Earlier I used to see career growth as a costly imbalance. She helped me feel lighter by letting go of the guilt for “Wanting it all.” With all the mental stressors that came with the pandemic and working from home with kids, Neelima helped me with techniques that can be used on a daily basis for creating a “Me time” window. She helped me gain clarity on my strengths and In the process I had several A-ha moments when I realized the why’s behind some of the opportunities for growth. Neelima is a warm, compassionate and a phenomenal listener. I highly recommend her.

Shivali Bhalla, Software Professional