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EI-Club M12

“Emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership, without it, a person can have the best training, the sharpest analytical mind and endless smart ideas, yet be unable to be a great leader.” Bill George and Doug Baker’s (2011) Research on authentic leadership asked 75 members of Stanford’s Business Advisory Council about the most important capability leaders […]

Positivity Cafe M13

All of us are authors of the stories our lives are - the narratives of our happiness, achievements, growth, loss, failure, grief. These are our interpretations and our perspectives of how the events in our life unfolds. They provide an insight into our fears, desires, ambitions and what we value in life. A different person […]

EI- Club M10

Emotions manage our energy, motivation,confidence,relationships, performance! Here is a chance to intentionally manage our inner being to do our best and be our best, every third Saturday at 6..30 pm IST / 9am ET. Our next meeting is scheduled on 22nd May at 6.30 pm IST / 9am ET. Register at