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If you are a mid-management professional wanting to take control of your career, you are at the right place.

Choose your focus. Intentionally – 

  1. Earn an A+ reputation, better performance reviews, and prime roles

Accelerate your development to

  • Build a reputation as a star performer,
  • Be the “trusted advisor’ to your boss,
  • Influence your stakeholders,
  • Be more effective, make your impact,
  • Get the opportunities you’re looking for
  1. Create your future career trajectory

Be strategic in designing your career/Reshape your role  –

  • Discover what drives you,
  • Lead from your strengths,
  • Stay relevant in the ever-changing business world

Now is the time to fast-track your career

You are “Unique” and our programs are tailored uniquely for your needs, so you can –  

  • Create your unique success plan
  • Take actions that will advance your career
  • Discover and overcome the blocks that come in your way
  • Build your support system
  • Be accountable for creating your success

How does executive coaching work?

Executive coaching creates a safe space to discover what is working and what is not working currently for you and devise solutions. With commitment, courage, and consistency, you will create the foundation for advancing your career and experience the difference it can make at the end of 90 days. You will see progress every week by steadily fine-tuning your approach.

If you decide to invest in yourself and sign up for executive coaching with me, we will meet once a week via zoom sessions for the next 90 days. We will co-create the plan of action specific to you. You’ll take action each week to take control and create the career you want, and we’ll discuss and address anything that comes up during the week.

Because I want to support you fully, I will be available to you via email, as well, if required.

Take action now

Attestations from my clients

It was lovely interacting with Neelima. In a few sessions, I felt I was ready to go on further without any support. The techniques that I learnt from her and the mantra of finding all my answers from within myself, even at one's lowest lows, are going to stay with me forever. I wish Neelima all the best in all her endeavors.

M Luke (EY)

Neelima is a great life and career coach . In our work together focusing on career transition to next level, she provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, framework derived plan of actions to enable the success, growth, change with resilience . What I truly enjoyed is her extremely personable guidance and coaching with an ability to connect quickly and begin her work at whatever stage I was in with long-standing personal goals as north star. I highly recommend Neelima for one who needs to gain clarity, make great change and growth with great support.

Divya (Walmart)

There are times when you need an unbiased view-point and help in areas of life which seem to go foggy. Neelima helped me figure them out and bring clarity and focus. She is kind enough to put in more than promised. I felt her commitment to coaching comes from compassion which encouraged me to dwell deeper.

Rajiv Roda (Actor)

At a certain point in my career, I needed a professional outside of my work sphere who could provide an objective view and advice in tackling career based challenges. I knew I needed a structured process to help guide me in making the next leadership steps and act as a valuable objective point of reference. Neelima is a powerhouse of experience, who, through a structured framework and sensible processes, enabled the acquisition of clarity and empowerment - making any next steps (personal and professional) effortless.

Working with Neelima was exactly what I needed. Her coaching assisted me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing some personal challenges. Her professionalism and empathy along with her the tools and knowledge gave me a real boost.

I would highly recommend her professional services to anyone who is looking to develop their professional life that is in line with their values and goals.

Lakshmi Jaiswal (Boston Consulting Group)

Neelima is an excellent coach with brilliant people skills. I speak from personal experience of having engaged her as my career coach. She helped me find my strengths and portray them in my behavior. She is a thorough professional and a wonderful person. I recommend her coaching services to every professional who wants to excel in life.

Krishan Pandey (Satkartar Group)

I had a very positive experience with Neelima. I was in a very confused state with respect to my career when I first talked to her. In the ensuing sessions I was able to derive clarity in my thoughts and understand what I really wanted to do... She is a very patient listener, and her suggestions were extremely helpful in helping me assess myself. She made me realize many important insights about myself and her techniques have been imbibed by me in my daily routine. Thanks, Neelima for your valuable guidance..

Mini (TCS)

Neelima is very understanding and humble life coach .. She understood my situation very deeply and helped me to figure out my own power and strength to overcome my fears and show me new way to celebrate life with positivity and discipline.. I am really grateful for her guidance.

Dr. Isha

Ms Neelima conducts the coaching sessions very professionally. There was a lot of practical techniques suggested which were profound and action driven. Ms Neelima brings a lot of empathy, sincerity and focus in her role as a Coach. It will bring about huge transformation in one's life if the specific techniques suggested by her are implemented properly. I had referred some of my friends as a coachee under the guidance of Ms Neelima. It has brought astonishing results for them. I wish Ms Neelima all the best in her coaching endeavors and may she bring about more such changes in other people's lives. Way to go, Ms Neelima.!!!

Arun Padmanabhan (Corporate and Institutional Alliances Empower Channel)

I reached out to Neelima reason as I was feeling stuck and was not able to figure out how to go ahead. I wanted to talk to a someone who could help me understand things and take steps in my career for improvement and growth. She is very professional in her approach and patiently listened to me to understand what I am looking for
we worked on things that need to be improved through the assignments she would give during every session which helped me improve myself and see things in a much professional way. She also helped me understand my strengths, priorities and skills I need to work on. We also explored different options for staying relevant which is work in progress.
She is a thorough professional, very good person, empathetic, and has all the tools to help in professional growth and I highly recommend her.

Syed Sadathulla (Infinite Computer Solutions)





I highly recommend Neelima as a career coach. Working with her has helped me to improve my way of thinking about job, streamline work and priorities. She helped me to set objectives and way forward to achieve in most organized way at every step. She provided excellent way to handle stressed situations and to overcome them. She comes with lots of value addition in the most practical way with focus towards improving your skills set and achieving the desired outcome.

Abhishek Rastogi, Anandrathi Private Wealth Management






The journey that I embarked on with Neelima has been very fruitful so far. Being in the position I was, completely confused and unwilling to go forward, I never expected to reach a position where I have a reasonable amount of clarity and I have only Neelima to thank, for that. The sessions with her empower me to make a lot of right choices. No matter how trivial something is, I can mull over it with her. She has been amazingly patient, accommodative, supportive and everything she has to offer has been conducive in making me a better version of myself.

Dr. Sravya Muddu



I reached out to Neelima because I was having problems with extreme procrastination WFH because of the COVID-19 pandemic had led me to a low, and I was getting nothing done. Neelima's methods are unique in that she helped me find what I wanted and needed to do through the medium of questions and self reflection. We did a lot of "look inward"-type sessions and I always felt refreshed and less overwhelmed after a session, I always left with more clarity. With her gentle guidance I was able to come up with methods to solve my career problems. During my first session I was sure that my career was doomed and that I should quit, but in just three months I have made immense progress and have a way forward, all thanks to her.

Anonymous Software Developer

I am excited you are joining the program

Before becoming an executive coach, I worked for 23+ years in various management positions in multinational organizations including, EY Global Delivery Services, KPMG Global Services, Infosys. In my last role, I worked as Director, supporting a COO.

I have been through the journey that you are on now, and I’ve helped others manage their careers in various situations. I have seen and circumvented the blocks that may be confounding you today. I believe in the power of executive coaching to fast-track your personal growth and help you reach your goals.