We are excited to bring to you a weekly capsule of tips, tricks and activities to - 
- Help you use your emotions as feedback and manage your everyday effectiveness
- Accept your current state, diffuse negative thoughts and take positive action 
- Build resilience and keep moving towards your goals

Starting September 12, 2020, we meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the 'EI Club' and every 3rd and 4th Saturday in 'Positivity Cafe' at 7.30 pm IST (10 am EST). Please find more details below and register -

EI Cub -
Emotional health determines your everyday energy, efficiency, and relationship with self and others. Take charge of your emotional health by joining our 'EI club' where we will do activities to build skills critical for managing emotional well-being every 2nd and 4th Saturday starting Sep. 12, 2020. Find more about EI club here.

Positivity Cafe -
Positivity is the quality of having a positive attitude. It means being optimistic, looking for solutions, taking actions, learning from setbacks, expecting good results, and being happy. Do join us in the ‘Positivity café’ and learn tips to build everyday positivity and diffuse negative thoughts, every 1st and 3rd Saturday, starting Sep. 19, 2020. Find more about Positivity Cafe here.

We look forward to seeing you every Saturday, starting September 12, 2020 at 10 am EST (7.30 pm IST).  If you have any questions, reach out to us at admin@purposeladder.com

Best regards,

Neelima Chakara
Manisha Singh